We Have An American Emergency On Our Hands This Winter

American Emergency

Bitter cold will have our area in a death grip soon. Heating and gas prices continue to climb. For more than one in five families in the Area, the choice will become HEAT or EAT: "Do we heat the home?" they wonder, "or try to keep food on the table?" 

The choice is that simple ... and that deadly!

Your support of the American Food Bank is the lifeline our hungriest families need right now. In fact, generosity like yours is more vital this winter than ever in our more than 4 years of feeding children in our community. Without friends like you, many boys and girls may go hungry this month, as HEAT or EAT becomes a matter of SURVIVAL!

We can't solve all the problems these struggling American parents and little children face this winter, but we can help provide food and essentials. Please make a gift Now,Thank you.

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Locally,American Food Bank, is a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced. We travel to every community to help children and families in need.

Our team, in your community, needs your help immediately. We need monetary donations for supplies, food, and nutritional menus, Transportation costs are in high demand. Make your contribution now.

Our Mission

For more than 5 years,American Food Bank has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry and needy members of our Communities. We are the Largest Provider of Free Donated Food, in your community. We presently offer our services to over 83,000 people a month with over .57 million pounds of Free donated food a year. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of Food, time, and money. We utilize the services of approximately 65 Volunteers a week.

James Wilson

Co-Founder and Chairman

American Food Bank

Morongo Basin "Spirit" award Winner, 2012

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round food drive gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to stocking our Food Bank and see first-hand the families we help daily.

Mother And Newborn Left To Fend For Themselves


Celine* was excited about what the future held for her beautiful newborn baby boy. But she was shocked when she learned the hospital had discharged her after one day! A nurse told her, "Your baby is underweight, and you are badly malnourished and severely anemic. Nursing your baby will only hurt him."

Panicked, with nowhere else to go, Celine turned to a local emergency feeding center ... just as American Food Bank trucks arrived loaded with baby food and other emergency supplies! 

That food literally made a life-changing difference for Celine and her baby, as well as thousands of other hunger-stricken families in their city. Please stand with us this winter to help other at-risk families now with a gift now.  Thanks and blessings from Celine and so many like her for helping make miracles possible.

* Names/photos changed for privacy